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Meet The Staff

Brenda Mierzejewski
President/Founder of Mizzi Cosmetics
Brenda Mierzejewski is the CEO and Founder of Mizzi Cosmetics. She is a wife and mother of two children and resides in Portland CT. Her background includes over 12 years in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry working in Supply chain and Materials management. Brenda’s passion for her children and her family to use all natural products has brought her to where she is today. Combining her knowledge of essential oils and her love of cosmetics and beauty, she has created products that anyone anywhere can enjoy. Her goal is to bridge the gap between wellness and beauty.
Rebecca Sardinskas
Vice President of Sales and Customer Service
Her extremely passionate and positive approach serves as a platform for the culture of the company. Rebecca brings a background of customer service and sales to the team at Mizzi Cosmetics. Demonstrates a hands on approach for solving challenges and is solution oriented. She enjoys attaining new business relationships.
Melissa Woodward
Distribution Coordinator
I'm a stay-at-home mom with an art degree. When I'm not working for LipLuxe I'm doing something for my family - taking care of our home, attending our children's school events, etc. I live in Portland, CT with my husband of 15 years, our two beautiful daughters, & my mother-in-law. I adore animals & we have 4 pets: 2 cats & 2 chickens. Some day I'd love to possibly have a small farm animal or two, & honeybees. My hobbies include reading, listening to music, attending the theater, & enjoying nature & art.

Sadrac Ramos
Operations Analyst
Born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. She spent the younger part of her life on the island and her 20's were spent in New York City. Her career started with an automotive group in Long Island, NY. With a background in customer service and office administration in 2006, she moved to Connecticut. For the next 8 years she worked as the Executive Assistant to the COO & co-founder for Edible Arrangements International Inc. Expanding her experience to operations, event planning, marketing, technology and business administration. Always dedicated and committed to getting the job done, she has never accepted a task she does not see to the end.
Jamie Cahill
Retail Specialist
Dedicated Mommy of two, Beauty and Fitness Enthusiast. Retail specialist for Mizzi Cosmetics focused on representing ...a natural wholesome product loved by stay at home moms to reality tv stars.
Jamie Wilson
Retail Specialist
Jamie Wilson lives in Portland, Connecticut with her husband and two young boys. Jamie joined Mizzi Cosmetics in 2017 after being inspired by Brenda’s passion for her company. She grew up in Alabama where she received her Master’s degree University of Alabama Birmingham. In her spare time she enjoys reading and cooking.