5 Reasons Moms Want LipLuxe!

5 Reasons Moms Want LipLuxe!

Mother's Day is a time to celebrate some favorite ladies in your life; moms, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends...we could keep going. Ask any of them what they'd like and more often than not, the response is a resounding, 'Nothing!' The truth is, most of us (moms or not moms) want to look and feel great effortlessly, without spending a ton of money on beauty products.

The LipLuxe product line was initially created when owner/founder, Brenda Mierzejewski, tried finding lip products in regular drug stores to soothe her children's chapped lips from extreme winter weather. It has since evolved into a complete lip product line including a whipped lip scrub, and a variety of lip balms.

Why LipLuxe?

  • Safe, non-toxic, non-petroleum, & cruelty free lip products
  • Repairs, protects, primes, & hydrates for healthy, beautiful lips
  • Feels like the spa, without stressing over getting to the spa
  • Calorie free & requires no gym time to burn off (but still tastes great!)
  • An easy, affordable way to make every day a bit more luxurious

Our lip balms and whipped lip scrub seamlessly fit into any regular beauty routine. The best part? You can dress LipLuxe up or down. Natural, plain makeup? Wear it alone for a beautiful, long lasting clear gloss. Going glam? Use lip liner and lipstick to line and color lips. Add LipLuxe on top to seal in color and create a beautiful gloss overlay which helps in making lips look fuller as well.

Shop our entire collection to find the best fit for the special lady in your life who's celebrating Mother's Day! Check our home page for details on special discount and promotions. 

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