About Us

Mizzi is LIPJOY Re-Imagined. We are inspired to ask daily: What does LIPJOY look like, feel like, taste like, smell like and heal like. For us, it is bursting with antioxidants, fragrant flowers and healing essential oils, empowered by nature’s renewal, hope, optimism, the beauty of our planet and the electric energy and dazzle of life all around us.

At Mizzi, we work to embrace, enhance and deliver a product experience originating with the utmost care, anchored by our understanding and application of safe, smart ingredients and methods, science, sustainability, and the sublimely, second to none quality of everything we research, produce and distribute. This focus is known as our “S” Factor.

We aspire to achieve this mission through our daily commitment to optimizing self-care, self-love, self-advocacy, and self-fulfillment with every little box and bow that leaves our hands.

The Mizzi Vision is honored by our enduring commitment to the sourcing and production of signature, premier ingredient, hand crafted, joy filled, and life optimizing creations. We believe that every human has the capacity for greater happiness, greater intentional living and greater holistic health, by using products that both harmonize and heal safely, and by trusting the methods used at Mizzi to successfully achieve that end.

Additionally, our mission, vision and purpose are defined by the Mizzi Promise:

We never use any petroleum in our products.

We never use any parabens or sulphates in our products.

The great majority of our products are vegan, with the exception of a few that have occasional use of beeswax or honey.

We believe in creating luxurious, yet affordable goods that not only feel good-- but are good, do good and promote good.

We never test on animals.

Game-Changing Lip Care

Mizzi Cosmetics Signature Lip Products and Treatments are free from petroleum, parabens & sulphates. MC is cruelty free and planet forward, bursting with collagen boosting plant derivatives and humectants to restore lip health overnight. We only deliver natural and organic ingredients that extend your lip life, not our product life.