Mizzi Cosmetics Events 2022

The Aesthetic Seminar

Dallas, TX

Dates: August 20, 2022

Urban Firehouse from 10am - 5:00pm,

8300 Starnes Rd., North Richland Hills, TX 76182


Aesthetic Next

Dallas, TX

Dates: September 8 -11, 2022



Las Vegas, NV

Medical Spa Show 2023

February 3 – Sunday, February 5, 2023

Game-Changing Lip Care

Mizzi Cosmetics Signature Lip Products and Treatments are free from petroleum, parabens & sulphates. MC is cruelty free and planet forward, bursting with collagen boosting plant derivatives and humectants to restore lip health overnight. We only deliver natural and organic ingredients that extend your lip life, not our product life.