Morning and Night Routine with LipLuxe!

At Mizzi Cosmetics, we are often asked for suggestions when it comes to a morning and night routine for your lips. Our products are great for day and night regimen! So, let’s get into it:

During the day, you want your lips clean and hydrated so that they can fully absorb whatever gloss or lip color you want to apply for the day. Without hydrated lips, your lipstick or gloss will appear blotchy and dry. In addition, all of our products can be worn on their own because they provide a spectacular shine. And keep in mind, you want to do your lip routine after brushing your teeth, so you don’t have any leftover toothpaste residue drying out your pout!
For the day, here are the products we recommend for different day looks:

BareKiss Lip Balm: This balm is good for days where you feel like your lips need some extra nourishment. It is simple yet effective, made with jojoba oil and sunflower wax!

Plumping Peppermint: Our plumping peppermint balm uses peppermint oil to give your lips a full look, which is exactly what you want throughout the day if you want to still draw attention to your pout with a more nude-toned lip.

Honey Kiss: If you’re looking for a wake-me-up type of balm, or if you’re just healing from a bout of cracked lips, Honey Kiss is the one for you! With citrus hints of grapefruit essential oils and honey for antioxidant purposes, this balm will leave you feeling clean and fresh!

At night, the focus is often repair, revival, and replenishment. You want your lips to be restored to their full glory after a day of wearing dying lip color.

Give your lips time to relax and regenerate during your night time regimen with the following products:

Whipped Lip Scrub: We always suggest scrubbing your lips at night to give the freshest base for hydration. This whipped lip scrub is unlike any other on the market using a vegan base, cane sugar, and pink grapefruit essential oils for an extra antioxidant boost. The scrub softens dead skin cells to allow for the cane sugar to easily buff them off at the same time. No matter the day, scrub your lips before applying any night time moisturizing to ensure optimum hydration effects.

Intense Therapy Lip Balm: This therapeutic lip balm will be your night time holy grail! Filled with essential oils and beeswax, it will take your lips to the next level of healing and hydration! The balm has tea tree oil and honey for disinfecting and healing any previous chapped or cracked lips, chamomile for soothing. We always recommend using it after the lip scrub so that you are focusing the hydration on the newest layer of skin.

Lemon and Lavender: The lemon and lavender balm is our very first product and a customer favorite. Feel like using a less intense night time lip mask than the intense therapy balm? Then Lemon & Lavender is the balm for you! With natural lemon essential oils and honey, the balm heals and disinfects any painful cracked or chapped lips in a soothing way. In addition, the lavender essential oils are known for promoting a good sleep. This balm is great for night time calming sensations with an extra hydration and antioxidant boost.

As we mentioned, all of our products are great for day and night! It’s all about personal preference, but these are our current regimen recommendations.

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