Sleep Better with Essential Oils


Some nights, no matter how hard you try, your brain continuously buzzes with stressful thoughts, to-do lists, and thoughts of tomorrow. Often, it is said that more effort ensures better results. But with sleeping, the harder you try, the less likely you are to actually fall asleep.


A known supplement for deep, peaceful sleep are essential oils. Essential oils are known for having a wide variety of attributes, from invigorating sensations to feelings of calm and relaxation. Among a wide variety of essential oils, there are some major scents that have a pronounced effect on relaxation and sleep promotion. Check out a few of Mizzi’s favorite picks for a peaceful sleep below:

This one is no surprise. Lavender’s most well-known property is sleep and relaxation promotion. From teas to lotions, lavender comes in a wide variety of forms, including our Lemon and Lavender Lip Balm which we also recommend for night time.


Bergamot is rich in linalool and linalyl acetate, compounds that have well-known relaxing properties. Although not as widely used as lavender, they both share the same scientific compounds that are known for promoting relaxation.


Mom always offered a cup of a chamomile tea before bed. As everyone knows, mom knows best. Chamomile has a light floral scent that creates a peaceful environment within your bedroom. We recommend using our Intense Therapy Lip Balm at night for intense hydration, and it has hints of chamomile in it as well for relaxation and calming effects.

What are some of the most efficient ways to use essential oils to promote sleep? There are so many methods, but a couple of our favorite ways are listed below:
  1. Add a couple of drops into your tea at night
  2. Apply topically, below the nose and on the wrists (try applying our Lemon and Lavender balm for the same effect)
  3. Mix with some water in a spray bottle to create a linen spray utilizing your favorite calming oils
  4. Diffuse the oils in an essential oil diffuser, a great alternative to candles.
  5. Adding a few drops of essential oils to your nighttime bath

We hope with these tips, and a few effective essential oils, you can get the good nights sleep you’ve been craving!

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