What Does a Whole Foods Purchase Mean to You?



In major recent news, Amazon has bought Whole Foods, which means significant changes to the accessibility of organic and natural products. Wholesome products have been a rising trend in past years, and the trend has yet to be slowed down.

According to President of Annie’s Homegrown, John Foraker, the acquisition could address the issue of food deserts throughout the nation and provide natural foods to a higher percentage of the population.

Food deserts are areas where the nearest grocery store is over a mile from a residence; these areas do not typically have fresh produce and healthy foods available.  According to Foraker, this purchase will “conquer some of the last-mile issues that have prevented access and distribution into really difficult places seems like a golden opportunity.”

With this increase in accessibility, an increase in demand for natural, healthy, and organic products will accompany it. According to Jeff Church, CEO of SUJA Juice, over 45% of the U.S. population is actively trying to add organic foods and beverages to their diets. Although, only a small percentage of food being retailed in grocery stores is organic. He believes that this purchase could bridge the gap between the 45% that want to add organic to their diet and the smaller percentage of food that is organic.

With this large percentage of people looking to buy organic, now that it is more accessible, will your business be ready?

It is crucial for retailers to make the jump to all natural and organic products to provide their consumers with what they are looking for. Once the 45% can attain the natural products they have been hoping for, the number will only grow in response to their peer’s behaviors.

This all natural trend does not only apply to food, it applies to skincare as well. Analysts expect a growth of 8.8% in organic and natural skincare products by 2020. According to Mintel, “the natural and organic personal care market has grown within natural supermarket channels with many users saying they buy more of these products than the did one year ago.” Amazon already carries a wide range of skincare products, so it can be expected for them to put more of an emphasis on providing increasing numbers of natural skin care products in the future.

Get your business ready for the change in product demand by adding all natural products to your retail lines today.











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