Grapefruit Essential Oil and Benefits

Grapefruit Essential Oil and Benefits
The grapefruit tree, Citrus paradisi, a tall glossy leaved tree with white flowers and large pale yellow fruit has an interesting history.

Some believe that the first record of the grapefruit is from the mid nineteenth century when an Englishman from the East India Trading Company visited the West Indies, leaving behind what he called “shaddock” seeds (later known as the grapefruit) in either the Barbadoes or Jamaica. Others believe the fruit originated as a hybrid between sweet orange and pomelo trees in Asia. While still others think it originated in Africa and was spread world wide by seamen. Either way, the first known historical record is from 1789 when a man named Patrick Browne reported the growth of a fruit that sounds just like the grapefruit in most parts of Jamaica. Later, in 1837 James MacFayden gave the grapefruit its scientific name meaning fruit of paradise in his book “Flora of Jamaica”. By the mid 1800s the grapefruit tree was introduced to grow as a novelty crop in Florida and by 1910 it became an important crop throughout the Rio Grand Valley, Arizona and California. Since then, the production and collection of grapefruits has led to the use of the bitter golden yellow oil that is extracted with a cold press method from the peel. The tumor fighting anticancer photochemical of limonene makes up about 88%-95% of the essential oil of grapefruit which helps to protect DNA and cells from damage. Like other citrus fruits, the essential oil of grapefruit also has a tangy and refreshing smell as well as energizing and uplifting qualities.

TGrapefruit is an incredibly versatile booster for the immune system because it is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C which helps to fight and protect against the activity of free radicals. It helps reduce signs of premature aging, like the degeneration of tissues, loss of hearing and vision and sluggishness associated with an exhausted mind and nervous system.

Grapefruit essential oil is also used to help fight against infection because it has antiviral, antimicrobial, and disinfectant properties that help protect and eliminate harmful bacteria both internally and externally. The microbial aspect of grapefruit makes it an effective antiseptic which is why it has been used for centuries to treat bruises, wounds, cuts, and acne. Grapefruit essential oil is also known to be balancing for the mind and body because it helps to normalize hormone levels. This also makes it stimulating for the endocrine system which is in charge of the proper secretion of hormones and enzymes. In turn, the nervous system seems to be awakened by the use of grapefruit essential oil which makes the brain more active and alert and helps to give new direction to thought patterns.

For these reasons, grapefruit essential oil has been used as a mild treatment for depression. It has shown to create a  positive feeling of hope in those who use the essential oil as well as being both uplifting and relaxing which is why it is helpful for treating fatigue, oxidative stress, and anxiety.

The essential oil of grapefruit also known to help remove toxins from the body because of its affects on the lymphatic system. This aids the body’s ability to remove unwanted toxic substances which is why the essential oil of grapefruit has been used to rid cellulite, treat arthritis, sore muscles, rheumatism and gout. Grapefruit also acts as a tonic for the body which helps tone the organ systems which will in turn improve the body’s overall health and strength.

Grapefruit is a useful antiseptic that helps increase circulation and sooth skin to keep it clean and clear. It helps relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety, helps boost the immune system, stimulate brain function and keep the body free of toxins.

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