Med Spas

A cosmeceutical line exclusively for medical professionals. Carefully formulated lip care to increase patient comfort and satisfaction post-procedure with a long-term beneficial RX effect on lip health.

Products include our Acute Post-Care Kit, designed for immediate use post lip augmentation to shorten healing time, reduce pain, and signs of bruising; HydraLuxe RX Maintenance Kit, infused with our specially formulated hyaluronic acid to restore hydration two-weeks post treatment; OrthoLuxe for lip and mouth hydration of dental patients as they show off a beautiful smile.

OrthoLuxe Dental Lip Care

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Game-Changing Lip Care

Mizzi Cosmetics Signature Lip Products and Treatments are free from petroleum, parabens & sulphates. MC is cruelty free and planet forward, bursting with collagen boosting plant derivatives and humectants to restore lip health overnight. We only deliver natural and organic ingredients that extend your lip life, not our product life.