Why Mizzi?

Over the last several years, Mizzi has developed its imprint as a proudly and positively, women owned and operated manufacturing company. Mizzi is dedicated to the creation of small batch, artisanal, safe, smart, science –driven, and sublime lip care in ever so cool and calm, Connecticut.

We focus on sustainably sourced, good for humans and good for planet creations. Brenda Mierzejewski, Mizzi’s founder, had formulated these HEAL-THY masterpieces and her work has not been the result of pure curiosity alone, but rather, like many other wonderful innovations, arrived out of necessity-- after her son’s birth.

Mizzi Cosmetics actually began as a hand-crafted, customizable, all- natural cure for severely chapped and cracked lips.

Brenda’s son, Brady, had open heart surgery at 6 months old, and as a result suffered significantly from dry lips without immediate, safe, hydrating remedy available. While attending to him during his recovery, she noticed that Brady could barely open his mouth due to the dryness, and was therefore also unable to share his adorable baby smile.

After quick and intense research stemming from genuine motherly love and a natural dose of panic, Brenda learned there was no ideal product on the market at the time, safe enough for hydrating a baby’s lips, that didn’t have petroleum as a primary ingredient. Everything, in fact, had a petroleum base.

She also knew from her years of research & experience in chemistry, that petroleum does not afford hydration absorption. Petroleum is, rather, a barrier--a block compound-- which does not penetrate. She also knew that if ingested, it could not be safely metabolized and then purged from the body.

As such, she realized this was absolutely not anything she would be putting on or near Brady’s baby mouth. Her formulation of a hand-made lip balm, was created to aid Brady’s healing journey. LipLuxe, Mizzi’s signature balm’s future name, became the brainchild and beautiful end result of this difficult family experience.

Mizzi has set the standard for optimal, safe, smart, scientific, sustainable healing lip care that works. We hope our products become part of everyone’s self-care routine.

Game-Changing Lip Care

Mizzi Cosmetics Signature Lip Products and Treatments are free from petroleum, parabens & sulphates. MC is cruelty free and planet forward, bursting with collagen boosting plant derivatives and humectants to restore lip health overnight. We only deliver natural and organic ingredients that extend your lip life, not our product life.